Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wedding Planning 101

Hello and welcome to my wedding blog! Over the next year, I'll be documenting my experience planning my wedding. Hopefully it will be able to give you some insight into what to expect and provide you with some helpful information when planning your own special day.

So here I am nearly a month after my engagement and my wedding plans for the most part seem to be going smoothly. Don't get me wrong we have had our fair share of panic (mostly over trying to find a venue) but seeing as it is a little less than a year away, we have plenty of time to get things finalized, so I hope.

Our planning started off very well. Luckily my fiance and I have very similar ideas as to what our day is going to be like. Which brings me to something I feel is important. I feel that weddings have been thought of too much as the bride's day. It is just as much about the groom as the bride in my opinion. Your love for each other is the reason for the marriage and that should never be overlooked!

As far as our plans go, our wedding will definately be as off beat as they come. We've decided to make the wedding itself Rockabilly themed and our reception is going to have an arcade theme to it. The entire thing will have an abundance of Star Wars references, some 8bit Nintendo nostalgia and Harry Potter references. All of this still in formal attire (minus the Chuck Taylors the wedding party will be wearing).

As my adventure goes along I will be updating my blog while we do things like get our rings made and sized, have our engagement party, meet with vendors and many many other things that come along with a wedding. So stay tuned


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